Getting the "Right" Twitter Followers

Getting the "Right" Twitter Followers

Getting the “Right” Twitter Followers

OK, so if you're on Twitter - and you should be! - You'll get Followers from everywhere, who do everything and have all sorts of interests.

That's great - You want the exposure for your Business...

But, you also want to make sure that the "right" peeps are following you. People that are interested in YOU - who you are, what you do, how your Business can help them, etc.

So, how do you do make that happen?

Check out the great Infographic below for ideas, like...

  • How to perfect your profile;
  • Crafting a quality tweet;
  • Using a Social Media Dashboard;
  • Figuring out when you should post; and
  • Promoting using relevant hashtags.

Select a couple of ideas and implement them. Then, do a couple more!

Make YOUR tweets standout!

Get More of the Right Twitter Followers infographic

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