12 Essential Ingredients for a Winning Blog Post

12 Essential Ingredients for a Winning Blog Post

12 Essential Ingredients for a Winning Blog Post

Whether you're new to blogging or you've been doing it for some time, it's important to remember the essential elements for a winning blog post, and depending on your subject matter, to incorporate as many of them as possible into your posts!

1. Craft a Magnetic Headline

What's going to get someone to open your post? Of course, a good headline!

2. Open with a BANG!

Once someone's opened your post, you want to keep them reading. That's where your opening statement (and the style of your blog) comes in!

3. Use persuasive words

If you want your reader to take action, what are you saying to persuade them? Use words that make sense to your audience, business, and marketplace; and that will help them make a decision!

4. Write dang good sentences

Write content that is meaningful to your audience! And remember that nobody wants to read through spelling and grammar errors, so run spell check and proof read your copy.

5. Insert important bullet points

Bullet points help breakup your content, make it readable, and put emphasis on items. Use them when and where appropriate!

6. Create exquisite subheads

Subheads are another way to breakup your content. Most readers want to scan through your posts to find information that is important and relevant to them. Make it easy for them by breaking your posts into sections!

7. Tell a seductive story

Depending on the purpose of your blog post, a story helps keep a reader engaged. This is NOT for EVERY post, but is a strategy that should be considered based on the topic and purpose of your post.

8. Keep attention with internal cliffhangers

IF you are telling a story, keep the reader interested. Don't lose them by droning on with your story; keep it interesting!

9. Choose an arresting image

Images are another way to add and breakup content in your post. Make sure that your images are a good resolution - for readers who are on computers, but not such a high resolution that they don't render quickly on mobile devices!

10. Close in style

Does your post convey your entire message? Make sure you're post has a beginning, middle and end!

11. Be authentic

Your posts represent you and your Business! Make sure that they reflect your Brand effectively and authentically!

12. Share it

What should you do after you post your blog on your website?

Share it on Social Networking sites!

Afterall, the reason you wrote it was so that people will see it and read it!


Thank you to Copyblogger for sharing this great Infographic

11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs [Infographic]

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